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Brands - Samyang

Samyang 2X Spicy Hot Chicken Flavour Ramen (Multi)

Item# SY23007

Pack/Size: 8 bag x 8 gr

UPC: 8-801073-141896

Samyang Artificial Chicken Flavour Big Bowl

Item# SY50369

Pack/Size: 6 pkg x 95 gr

UPC: 8-801073-211551

Samyang Bajirak Kalgugsu Noodles (Multi)

Item# SY21041

Pack/Size: 8 bag x 500 gr

UPC: 8-801073-140103

Samyang Carbo Hot Chicken Flavour Ramen (Multi)

Item# SY23625

Pack/Size: 8 bag x 650 gr

UPC: 8-801073-142312

Samyang Cup Noodle (Spicy Beef)

Item# OS10274

Pack/Size: 6 pkg x 65 gr

UPC: 8-801037-102743

Samyang Curry Hot Chicken Flav. Ndl Big Bowls

Item# SY21819

Pack/Size: 16 pkg x 105 gr

UPC: 8-801073-211087

Samyang Curry Hot Chicken Flavour Ramen (Multi)

Item# SY22987

Pack/Size: 8 bag x 700 gr

UPC: 8-801073-141872

Samyang Hot Chicken Big Bowl Noodle

Item# OS21036

Pack/Size: 16 pkg x 105 gr

UPC: 8-801073-210363

Samyang Hot Chicken Flavour Cup Ramen

Item# OS50222

Pack/Size: 6 pkg x 70 gr

UPC: 8-801073-210776

Samyang Hot Chicken Flavour Ramen (Big Bowl) (Carbo)

Item# SY22250

Pack/Size: 16 pkg x 105 gr

UPC: 8-801073-211506

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